Lima Museums

Museum Nacional

This museum, which was inaugurated in 1990, holds different exhibitions in large rooms distributed throughout four levels include samples that recreate all the pre-Hispanic manifestations among 14,000 BC. through 1532 AD. A ceramic exhibition, replicas of the main archaeological sites throughout Peru, dioramas, paintings and diverse collections are just a few specialities that this museum has to offer.

Museum of Gold

Distributed in four big rooms, this is an exhibition of one of the biggest collections of pieces and jewels of gold, silver, semi precious stones, ceramic and textile of the cultures Mochica, Chima and Vicus. Beautiful necklaces, tumis, scepters, idols, and funeral masks can also be found throughout the rooms giving collectors and history enthusiasts a museum to marvel at. This collection is the sample of the extraordinary advances and technology that goldsmiths displayed during the more ancient days of Peru.

Museum of Art

Located on the Palacio de la Exposician (Palace of the Exhibition) since 1961 this museum was built in 1872 with the plans drawn up by Gustave Eiffel. Its formation began with donated pieces and legacies that grew over the years creating the fine exhibits that are still there today. It exhibits collections that show the art of Peru from the prehistory and the first human discoveries until the age of contemporary art. There are also ceramic and fabric pre-Hispanic cultures collections along with silver jewels, furniture and colonial dresses. One can view paintings of the “Escuela Cusquenya” and other works that represent the republican and contemporary period. Artists such as Ignacio Merino, Pancho Fierro and Carlos Baca have pieces that are all represented here.

Museum of Natural History

Founded in 1918, this museum contains an exhibition of the flora, fauna and minerals of Peru. For those who are interested in learning a bit about history, the collection of the Italian Antonio Raimondi is one to check out. For those who enjoy natural history and witnessing examples of the region’s nature, this is a great little spot to hit up on a rainy day.

National Museum of the Peruvian Culture

Founded in 1946, the building where this museum is located is inspired with designs done by the Tiahuanaco culture. One can find several exhibitions of popular Peruvian arts, Amazon and folkloric ethnology, fabrics, ceramic, musical instruments, saddlery, and imagery. This is a fascinating museum for those who are interested in learning more about the deeper culture that Peru has to offer.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 14:30

Museum of Italian Art

Founded in 1921, this building was designed and inspired using Florentine architecture. Designed by the Milan Architect Gaetano Moretti, Peru received this museum that had been donated by the Italian colony in Peru when being commemorated for the centennial of the Independence of Peru. Sculptures, drawings, furniture and canvases of Italian art make up this European styled museum and sports diverse temporary exhibitions that are worth checking out.




Museum of the Congress and Old Tribunal of Inquisition

This fascinating museum is located on the old colonial local of the Tribunal of the Saint Inquisition that originally was Nicolas de Ribera´s house (XVII century), son of one of the conquerors of Peru.

The building consists of a Chapel named “Capilla del Santo Oficio”, jewel of the colonial architecture, a decorated roof that is considered one of the most valuable colonial relics in the Peruvian art. To add to the mystery of this fine museum there are also carved walkways, secret cameras, torture rooms, and underground prisons.

Museum of the Central Bank of Reservation

This museum is divided into three different sections that represent archaeology, the numismatist and contemporary Peruvian painting. Furthermore, there is an excellent ceramic collection of the pre-Inca Vicus culture. The contemporary painters are very well represented in this museum. For a range of diversity, this museum is a great place to check out.

Museum of Religious Art of the Cathedral

Here, one will find an exhibition of liturgical objects, ornaments, carved articles, paintings, and furniture of the viceroyalty time. This is a great place to start off if one would like to learn a bit more about the religious influences that are very prominent in the Peruvian culture.



Museum of San Francisco of Jesus

For those who are still interested in learning further about the religious influences that are seen in the country of Peru, this museum is a great place to visit. There is a wonderful exhibition of liturgical articles of the viceroyalty, carved articles and paintings of Francisco of Zurbarn.




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